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Further Notes from MIA / TRA Meeting 22/01/2010

Changes to the TRA requirements for recent graduates have been intended to restore confidence in their skills and experience and ensure they will be able to find employment in their area of study.

By 1 January 2010, the framework, online application and design of the Job Ready Program were ready but TRA continue to develop some of the supporting measures for implementation. TRA will be putting together information packs for employer groups once further details are finalised.(还不是最后的,还在完善)

TRA acknowledges Australia is back in a skills shortage, both for resources trades and ancillary support trades.(资源这一块的技术工人还是紧缺的。这与一些代理特别是一些中国大陆的报纸唱衰TAFE课程,散布悲观言论不一致)

The quality of education provided is not within TRA’s authority, but they may refer issues to the relevant regulatory authorities.(教育质量问题虽然提出来了,但不归TRA管,TRA乐得推托)

The MIA will continue to notify members as soon as any other information becomes available from TRA.

Stage 1: Provisional Skills Assessment (第一阶段)

See MIA Notice: TRA Skills Assessment Update (sent to members 28 Jan 2010) for more information on work experience, unpaid work and IELTS results.(昨天说完了)

Stage 2: Job Ready Employment(第二阶段,JRE)

- TRA will accept up to 60 working days of employment prior to registration – this is to cover off the period where the necessary documentation is being finalised by TRA and any current 485 holders.(在TRA注册之前的最多60天的雇佣可以被承认。一来TRA审理申请本身需要时间,二来有些485签证持有者已经工作了一段时间)

- Full time employment in accordance with industry awards, usually 38 hours per week. Part time work experience will not be accepted.(全时工作符合政府的要求,通常意味着一周38小时。非全时(Part-time)一概不接受!)

- Salary level – must be paid in accordance with industry awards.(必须符合政府(通常是州或领地政府)的最低工资要求)

- The “contract” referred to on TRA website would more accurately be described as an agreement signed by the employer to participate in the Job Ready Program. An employer would still have a separate contract with the employee.(



- The agreement (“contract”) between TRA and the employer must be made within 30 days of the employment being registered.(该协议必须在雇佣本身被注册后的三十天内签完)

- Change of employer is possible during this period of 12 months employment.(在这12个月内,可以换雇主)

- Logbook will need to be completed by employer regularly. This can be done online.(雇主需要时不常完成登记本。这事可以网上完成)

- Monitoring will be conducted on a risk assessment basis to determine whether the workplace is genuine and the employment is genuine. However all workplaces will be visited at least once.(监控是以风险评估为基础进行的,从而来断定工作场所是否真实和雇主是否真实。但是,所有的工作场所至少会被查看一次)

- Self-employment will not satisfy requirements here, due to credibility issues in relation to supervision.(自雇不算,因为自己管自己不让人相信)

- There is now further information about required additional training available on the TRA website.(




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